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Garbage bags and refuse sacks

With our bag-on-roll making machines we can offer garbage bags of different dimensions and forms of folding. There can be standard dimensions (35l, 60l, 120l, 150l, 240l or relevant in your country) as well as custom made. There are conventional garbage bags – flat, C-folded, Z-folded, G-folded and side-gusseted type with a PP string incorporated in a gusset as well as drawstring garbage bags. To respect the environment we use regran material and apply oxo-biodegradable additives. A PE virgin material or co-ex garbage bags can be made upon request. Our garbage bags and refuse sacks can be flexo printed. If required scent agents can be applied. The loose plastic bags available too.
These products are supplied to municipal cleaning companies, cleaning companies, municipalities, communes, healthcare, HORECA branch and individuals.

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